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Defense Counsel for Those Stationed at Kadena Air Base or Camp Foster

Are you facing a court martial? Any legal action against you while serving in the Armed Forces is extremely dangerous. The deck is stacked against you. An innocent and dedicated member of the military can face years in military prison, dishonorable discharge, a destroyed reputation and career and other major consequences. Any criminal case filed in military court has a very high risk of conviction. The current conviction rate in military court stands at over 90% -- a frightening statistic. At Bilecki & Tipon, we are committed to leveling the playing field. Our legal team has extensive experience and an impressive track record of results in defending all types of criminal charges in military court. If you need a court martial defense lawyer that can offer you the level of experience and knowledge necessary to protect your rights, contact our firm immediately.

We defend those charged with all types of offenses, including those under new Article 120, and all types of sex crimes including sexual assault and child pornography offenses. We also are very involved in defending our clients in all types of drug crimes including spice defense. We have been successful in defending many high profile cases, and in prevailing in military court for our clients in cases involving violent crimes, desertions & AWOL, larceny & financial fraud, and in defending in cases of non-judicial punishment. We are experienced, dedicated and have the qualifications you need to level the playing field – our goal.

Our Experience and Qualifications

At our firm, we offer an uncommon degree of experience and exceptional qualifications. Our managing partner, Timothy J. Bilecki, has achieved recognition for his excellent defense work for those accused of criminal offenses while serving in the Armed Forces. He served in the U.S. Army, was a Major at the time he finished his military career. He served as the Senior Defense Counsel for the U.S. Army Trial Defense Services in the Pacific Rim Region. During his service in the military, he also spent two tours serving as defense and senior defense counsel and as a Special Assistant US Attorney in Honolulu. He has travelled to military bases across the globe to serve his clients, and continues to do so, including to represent clients based at either Kadena Air Base or Camp Foster.

There is little doubt that you need the most effective defense lawyer possible if you are facing criminal charges in military court. With recent revisions to the USMJ passed by Congress, the dangers that the criminally accused in the Armed Forces have increased. We are insightful, and able to strategize our defense cases with military skill and precision. As facing court martial can end your military career and your freedom, we advise you to get legal representation on an immediate basis. Although you do have rights, any engagement with investigators, military police, other law enforcement agency or government agency without having your defense counsel present to protect you can make matters worse. Skilled interrogators can pressure you for a confession, twist your statements and involve you in a process that could damage your case. Don't take any chances if facing court martial or non-judicial punishment. We help you fight back, and we know the processes involved intimately.

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