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Violent Crime Defense in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Don’t Allow Anyone to Convince You to Plead Guilty Until You’ve Spoken with Bilecki & Tipon First

You’re under immense pressure to get out from under these charges, one way or another. The military counsel you’ve been detailed will likely tell you that a plea deal your best option. Your command may lead you to believe that if you strike a bargain with the prosecution, you will avoid making a spectacle in court. Even your friends and family could ask that you take the plea deal to avoid the harsher sentencing of being found guilty at your court martial.

No matter how sound that advice may seem, you owe it to yourself to at least consider the possibility that you could be found Not Guilty by a jury in court. You owe it to yourself to look for a team of defense attorneys that could give you a fighting chance in your sexual assault, manslaughter, murder trial or other trial. No matter how desperate the situation may seem, you’re innocent of your charges until proven otherwise in court. And with the right legal expertise at your side, your chances of being found innocent can skyrocket.

Charges of Assault, Manslaughter, and Murder Under the UCMJ (Articles 128, 118, and 119)

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon has been defending service members in Japan and Okinawa who have been accused of violent crimes for years. We combine a highly effective court strategy with 30 plus years of legal expertise. To date, we’ve defended clients against serious assault charges, including charges of manslaughter and murder.

  • Article 128 Assault charges come in many forms, including aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Guilty service members face possible dishonorable discharge from the military as well as fines and possible incarceration. Even if you think it’s obvious that you acted in self-defense, neither the prosecution nor the jury may see it that way.
  • Article 119 Manslaughter charges are often termed a crime of passion, meaning someone’s death was not intended but occurred anyway. Prosecutors, however, will gladly turn this into a murder charge if there’s any evidence at all that your actions were premeditated.
  • Article 118 Murder charges are brought when there’s enough evidence to suggest a death was deliberate and premeditated. If you’re proven guilty of an Article 118, you could be facing live in prison with no possibility of parole.

You’ve Fought Hard to Get Where You Are. Now, You Have to Fight to Protect It

The Bilecki & Tipon team is comprised of gunslingers, forensic experts, investigators and specialized legal consultants. Our passion is winning cases for the service members that we defend in court. Not every case requires the expert precision and dedication that our law firm brings to the table. But when the stakes are high and the service member stands to lose everything—that’s when it counts the most. Those are the cases where Bilecki & Tipon can do the most good.

If you’ve been accused of an aggravated assault, manslaughter, or murder charge while stationed Japan or anywhere in the Pacific, it’s critical you call the law offices of Bilecki & Tipon as soon as possible. We’re not here to plead you guilty. We’re here to get the absolute best outcome possible for your trial, no matter what it takes. (800) 996-9747.