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Sexual Assault Defense in Okinawa and Mainland Japan

Sexual Assault Convictions Are The Government’s #1 Priority—The More Heads That Roll, The Better

Forget everything you’ve ever read about your rights during a court martial trial, because in a sexual assault case, none of it matters. The law enforcement investigating your case will tread upon your constitutional freedoms. The prosecution will use every dirty trick in the book to secure a guilty verdict. And the lobbyists and politicians in Washington D.C. that are pulling all the strings care only for conviction numbers to further their cause and show their donors. You’re not a service member to these people. You’re a pawn in a game of policy chess, being played thousands of miles away in D.C.

Friends are few and far between. Allies are even scarcer. The minute you’re accused of a sexual assault crime you become an outcast in military society. It doesn’t matter whether you committed a crime or not. You’ll be guilty until you’re proven innocent in court, no matter how good your connections are with military command.

Getting out from under these charges is NOT easy. We’ve seen innocent service members take plea deals in court because they realized—too late—that the facts were not enough to save them. Or rather, the attorney they were provided couldn’t overcome the prosecution’s character assassination techniques and fact spin. Had they known just how serious these accusations were, these service members would’ve gone to any means necessary to even the odds in court.

You Won’t Hear the Military Mention These Facts

You’ll never hear the military senior leadership tell you that sexual assault violations weren’t as likely to occur a decade ago. They’ll never mention that those charged with such crimes received far more lenient sentencing when they were convicted, if they were even convicted at all. They’ll never tell you how much of a farce these sexual assault trials have become, with the additional pressure and financial resources pouring in from Washington to secure convictions.

No, you’ll never hear a word of that. All you know is that you’ve been accused of sexual assault, and suddenly everyone you thought had your back is suddenly telling you to plead guilty and move on, even if pleading guilty means costing you the respect of your peers, your military future, and even your future outside the military. This is no way to treat someone that has defended their country honorably, and served the U.S. military thousands of miles from home.

You’ll never hear just how devastating a sexual assault conviction can be. A dishonorable discharge, combined with forced entry onto a national list of sex offenders, will put you at a disadvantage in the civilian world for the rest of your life. You can’t hide these black marks on your record—they’ll be there for every interested party with an Internet connection to see. And this is just the beginning. Incarceration and a punitive discharge will bring even greater woes to you and your family.

Sexual Assault Accusations Can Happen to Anyone, From Recruits to Generals

No one in the military is safe from sexual assault charges. The Washington machine has made sure of that. The military’s witch-hunt for sexual assault violations, combined with the government’s new polities to protect “victims” of sexual assault, has created a perfect storm of abusive behavior where anyone can accuse anyone else of sexual assault with nothing more tangible than rumor and hearsay.

This victim mentality has become so prevalent that the government actually awards supposed sexual assault victims, well before a finding of guilt in court, by:

  • Allowing them to leave the military early with an honorable discharge
  • Providing them with an expedited transfer to any military base they want
  • Ensuring they receive financial compensation commensurate

We’ve also seen a growing number of cases where consensual male-on-male sexual encounters are twisted to where one service member accuses the other of rape in order to save face and avoid allegations of their sexual orientation. In instances like this, simple pride is reason enough to claim sexual assault on another service member.

You Cannot Trust Law Enforcement to Do the Right Thing

Military law enforcement is in the pocket of the government agents that employ them. Their goal is to identify as many possible alleged sexual assault violators as possible, and then find enough dirt on them to secure a conviction in court. They work directly with the prosecution and aren’t about to help your defense team with their investigation into your case. Furthermore, the men and women in the CID, NCIS and OSI aren’t above intentionally overlooking exculpatory evidence, or to be less dramatic, are perfectly willing to ignore evidence that could’ve all but guaranteed your innocence in court.

While law enforcement is busy building a case against you, your interrogators are doing everything they can to wear you down and catch you in a lie. The longer you’re held for questioning, the more likely it is you’ll inadvertently say something that will incriminate you, or contradict something you previously said. It’s a lose-lose situation for the service member no matter what he does or how he acts.

The Charges Against You Are Serious. So Are We.

BIlecki & Tipon has faced off against the most talented minds in the JAG Corps—and come out on top. We consistently take unwinnable cases that no other defense attorneys would touch—and create stunning upsets in court. To date we’ve tried over one hundred cases in a court martial setting, and continue to set the standard for excellence both in Japan and around the world. No case is too difficult for us to win. No trial is too tough for the trial lawyers at Bilecki & Tipon.

You’re given one chance in court—you need to make it count. Don’t allow the government to step all over you, just so they can have another case they can tout to their donors in Washington. You deserve better than that. You deserve the best.

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