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Private Polygraph Tests in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Taking a Polygraph in Law Enforcment Custody is Equivalent to Confessing to a Crime

Never, under any circumstances, take a polygraph test while in the custody of law enforcement. No matter what your interrogators tell you, this can be a one-way ticket to prison, plain and simple. The stress and fear of being found guilty, combined with law enforcement’s highly evolved interrogation techniques, leaves you hopelessly unprepared to handle their relentless pursuit for more information.

Polygraphs were invented decades ago and yet to this day they’re not allowed as evidence in court. The science behind them is too messy to consider their findings a complete certainty. What law enforcement is counting on is that you don’t know this. They’re counting on your taking that polygraph, which is then used to pressure you into making a confession. The test could turn out positive OR negative for lying—you’ll STILL be told you’re holding back information.

Don’t be caught in the trap law enforcement has set for you. Your ONLY alternative is to remain silent and request the services of a lawyer. This will save you more than you’ll ever know if or when you’re called to stand trial.

Follow These Three Essential Rules When it Comes to Law Enforcement Polygraph Tests

Bilecki & Tipon recommends you follow these rules to the letter when faced with a request by interrogators to take a polygraph test:

  • Tell them no immediately, and don’t say another word until you have a lawyer present.
  • No matter how convincing they are and no matter how much you want to prove your innocence, NEVER take a polygraph test while in the custody of law enforcement.
  • Never request to take a polygraph while in the custody of law enforcement. Your interrogators will be laughing behind your back that you’d be gullible enough to even ask.

The Bottom Line: If You’re Serious About a Polygraph Test, Let a Third Party Handle It

We completely understand if you still want to take a polygraph test. What’s important is that you do it the RIGHT way, and that means allowing an unbiased third party review the results of the test. If the results are unsatisfactory, they never have to leave the office. If they show you’re telling the truth, then Bilecki & Tipon can attempt to leverage the results to either avoid charges altogether.

You’ve served your country honorably and you deserve to have a transparent and honest discussion about your polygraph results. Call the law offices of Bilecki & Tipon at (808) 996-9747 and we’ll schedule you a polygraph test with a leading expert today.