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Non-Judicial Military Punishment in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

You Value Your Flawless Military Career. But It’s Now in Jeopardy From an Article 15 / NJP

You may know it as an Article 15, Captain’s Mast, Office Hours, or simply as an NJP. But no matter what you call it, the results are almost always the same. You’re passed up for promotions. Your military career stagnates year after year at the same rank. And if cuts are made to the defense budget, you’ll be looked at as a prime target for trimming down military “fat.”

Will an NJP guarantee that one or all of these events will occur? No, it won’t. But its presence in your permanent file will be a consistent reminder to review boards, promotion boards, and commanding officers that you’ve demonstrated poor behavior or judgment in the past, which could easily lead to consistent promotional problems down the road.

Any service member at all serious about their future in the military cannot let an NJP pass freely into your permanent file. Luckily, an NJP can be stopped before it ever has a chance to harm your reputation. Military personnel of every branch have the right to fight their NJP in a court martial setting. When combined with your right to consult a defense lawyer to actively assist you with your NJP, you could eliminate that NJP completely and keeping your reputation in the military in immaculate shape.

Your Future Should be in Your Hands, Not Those of Your Commanding Officer

Whether or not the military will pursue your NJP will rest in the hands of your commanding officer. But even if you feel your commanding officer has your back and is responsive to your concerns, you should never simply “hope” that he or she will do the right thing. Again, this isn’t your CO’s future we’re talking about. It’s YOURS. So if you’re not up to the task of vigorously fighting for the complete and utter removal of this stain from your military record, then no one else will be.

Bilecki & Tipon believes that you should always have the final say when it comes to your future. And our goal with any non-Judicial Punishment is to help you do so. Our team of litigators understands the nuances of an NJP; but more importantly, we understand what needs to be done to stop them from moving forward, regardless of the violation or breach of conduct that led up to it.

You Need Allies With a Winning Strategy to Beat Your NJP

Bilecki & Tipon has taken dozens of NJP cases to court martial. Our experience, combined with our hard-hitting legal representation and compelling arguments in court, could be the extra push that the jury needs to swing in your favor. We’re veterans that deeply respect our client’s desires to maintain a flawless military record and career. We believe that service members with a desire to fight their NJP deserve to see it removed from their record.

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