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Larceny and Financial Fraud Defense Lawyer in Japan

Don’t Let a Financial Fraud Charge Ruin Your Military Career and Future

Everything you’ve fought for—every hard-earned rank, every pay increase, every promotion—can vanish the instant you’re convicted of a larceny or financial fraud charge. The sentencing for such charges is beyond excessive, forcing service members to deal with the aftermath of their trials for the rest of their lives. A dishonorable discharge, fines commensurate with the alleged theft involved, and possible incarceration can keep a service member from ever getting their lives back on track again.

Enough is enough. Your only hope is to fight these charges in court, before they ever have a chance to turn your life upside down. Hiring the first defense attorney to cross your path, or blindly taking whatever defense counsel that’s issued to you by the military, is comparable to shooting yourself in the leg. A hobbled defense is no defense at all when faced with such charges. It’s going to take a team of highly trained experts, a law firm with a proven track record and hundreds of cases brought to verdict. You’re going to need a team like Bilecki & Tipon LLLC.

Our Passion is Winning. And Now More Than Ever, You Need a Win.

What you need now are attorneys that can get the job done; attorneys with a proven strategy in place for winning fraud and larceny cases. Most importantly, you need attorneys that will do what it takes to beat the odds in court.

If that means preparing extensively by performing a private investigation into the case, then so be it. If it means tracking down hard-to-find witnesses and getting them to testify in court, then that’s what needs to be done. If it means giving an all-out blitz cross examination that completely catches the prosecution’s star witness by surprise, then let’s do it.

Bilecki & Tipon specializes in all of the above and much, much more. With a team of forensic experts, paralegal staff, and consultants ready and willing to dig their heels in and get the job done, you’ll be in good hands when your day in court arrives.

Protect What You’ve Built for Yourself. Fight Your Charges Starting Today

Your future, your call. Bilecki & Tipon has spent decades in a court martial setting and knows how to win cases involving financial fraud and larceny charges. Not every fraud case demands a top-notch legal team. But for those that do, Bilecki & Tipon is the obvious choice.

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