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High Profile Cases in Okinawa and Mainland Japan

How Prepared is Your Defense Team to Handle Extensive Media Coverage?

This is the age of the instant media story. It takes hours for a little-known trial to explode into news outlets both here in Japan and in the U.S. A single congressman with an agenda, a widely known blogger, and even a viral YouTube video can ignite a story and cause irreparable harm to your case.

No one ever expects this will happen. And yet every year, like clockwork, we see trials take up a massive amount of media attention. Accusations of sexual assault, a charge of discrimination against another service member, a very public scene of violence, even a desertion, can and WILL find its way into the public eye. And if your law firm isn’t prepared to handle the blowback, you could be facing major public condemnation along with a guilty verdict in court.

Bilecki & Tipon are Media Relations Experts with Ties to the Industry

If anyone in the world of court martial law understands media relations, it’s the law firm of Bilecki & Tipon. Not only have our cases been featured on major media outlets such as The Bio Channel, CNN, USA Today, Fox News, and E! Entertainment, our trial consultants have also played an extensive role in a number of critically acclaimed legal documentaries and television shows, including CBS’s The Good Wife. Bilecki & Tipon’s attorneys have more on-air experience than any other law firm working in Japan and the Pacific Rim today. That allows us to promote our narrative of your case both inside and outside the courtroom with one, unified voice.

Japanese and foreign journalists are just as adamant about picking up a great story as our own journalists are back home. We’ve made inroads with many of these journalists and news organizations over the years, and maintain relationships with them to ensure that if or when your case becomes high profile, it won’t be the prosecution creating the talking points; it will be Bilecki & Tipon.

If You’re Worried Your Case Will Be Picked Up by the Media, Consider This is your Wake Up Call

A law firm with ZERO functional knowledge of how the media works is going to turn your case into a circus. And a media circus will leave your reputation irreparably damaged. Even if you win your case, you’ll lose the respect of the public, which in turn could affect your job prospects in the future.

Don’t take the chance. Contact the law offices of Bilecki & Tipon TODAY at (800) 996-9747 to insulate yourself from malicious press coverage and media scrutiny.