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Military Drug Crimes Lawyer in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Don’t Allow the Government to Make a Scapegoat Out of You in Their War on Drugs

Drug charges have been ramped up in recent years, and today everything from a simple possession or use of marijuana to more serious drug trafficking charges can land you a punitive discharge, a felony level conviction, and a possible prison sentence. Now more than ever, service members need to be aware that they’ll be made a spectacle of by prosecutors in an attempt to stop other military personnel to cease any form of drug activities.

If you’re in the government’s crosshairs for drug crimes, it’s imperative that you have a highly effective defense counsel standing by to advocate for you in court. The prosecution has free rein to retaliate using their massive arsenal of paralegals, support staff, forensic specialists, lab facilities and law enforcement agencies. NO drug charge is too small that the government won’t pursue it. The reality is they will NOT ignore you; your case will NOT disappear; and if you underestimate their desire to convict you, you’ll likely be found guilty in your court martial case.

Retaining Bilecki & Tipon Sends a Message to the Prosecution: You’re Here to Win

We’ve made a name for ourselves throughout Japan and the rest of the Pacific Rim. Some of the most talented members of the JAG Corps know us as hard-hitting defense attorneys with a passion for taking on tough cases—and coming out ahead. We’ve faced off against disastrous odds in court, where the prosecution’s evidence at first seemed insurmountable. But the prosecution never expects they’ll lose their star witness to a blistering cross-examination; nor are they prepared for new evidence and witness testimony sourced from our own private investigations.

Military law enforcement can be so desperate to seal a conviction that they’ll break the law to do so. In one case in Okinawa, Japan, Bilecki & Tipon discovered that a law enforcement agent had illegally adulterated a Consent & Search form after it was signed by our client. Without the foresight of our defense team to question each and every piece of evidence delivered by the prosecution, that case may have resulted in a loss. The question is, will you have a defense team that makes those calls on your court date, or will those details be ignored?

The Prosecution is Going to Great Lengths to Win in Court. But They Didn’t Count on You Fighting Back.

No matter what kind of drug charges you face or how hopeless the situation appears, you deserve a fighting chance in court. And when you make that decision to take the fight to the prosecution, you’ll want fighters that are just as driven as you are to secure a victory. No overworked, discount attorney is going to give that to you.

The law offices of Bilecki & Tipon can and WILL fight hard for you in court. We’ve defended hundreds of service members in court martial cases to date, and we aim for nothing less than absolute victory. Call us TODAY at (800) 996-9747 to retain Bilecki & Tipon on your side of the bench come trial time.