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DNA and Serology Cases in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Can Your Defense Team Beat the Odds and Turn the Government’s Own DNA Evidence Against Them?

You’ve been told by law enforcement that your DNA has been collected as evidence in the crime you supposedly committed. They tell you that the evidence is irrefutable. DNA never lies, they claim. They’ve accounted for every possibility, they say.

But that, of course, is a lie. They didn’t account for Bilecki & Tipon as your defense attorneys. They couldn’t account for the decades of experience, the knowledge in DNA cases, and the DNA experts that Bilecki & Tipon retains for just such cases. They didn’t account for the fact that you’d actually try to fight the charges against you. They forgot to consider just how important your reputation, your future, and your freedom are to you.

At Bilecki & Tipon LLLC, we go to great lengths to protect the men and women of the armed forces that are accused of serious courts martial charges in the military. Whether you’re accused of sexual assault, rape, murder, or any other criminal act in which your DNA was obtained, it’s imperative that you contact the law offices of Bilecki & Tipon as soon as possible.

Bilecki & Tipon Strategies and Tactics for Cases Involving DNA and Serology Evidence

DNA evidence is often admitted into cases involving a sexual assault, rape charges, or other illicit sex crimes. It’s also often used in cases involving aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder charges. What’s important to remember is that DNA evidence isn’t enough to guarantee a guilty verdict. Far from it. With the right understanding of DNA and serology testing, and the right DNA experts willing to consult with the defense team, your case goes from being unwinnable to highly competitive.

Not all “DNA tests” are created equal. The three most commonly used tests in the military are:

  • Serology Testing: Serology testing is done prior to DNA testing. Forensic Biologists will test certain bodily fluids, which can provide an immunological indication of semen. The test cannot with absolute certainty determine if semen or other bodily fluids are present on the sample, which makes this test open to aggressive questioning by the defense team in court.
  • Autosomal STR DNA Testing: This is the most discriminating DNA test in the world today, capable of matching two samples with odds as high as or even higher than one in one sextillion.
  • Y-STR DNA Testing: This test will accurately detect traces of MALE DNA within a larger mixed DNA sample. A common use for this is to identify male DNA on a vaginal, cervical or other swab after allegations of a rape or sexual assault are made. This test is less discriminating than Autosomal DNA testing. If this form of DNA evidence is used to implicate you in a crime, then the question of how it’s being interpreted and utilized becomes paramount.

Breaking Down the Government’s DNA Narrative

DNA evidence isn’t for or against anyone. It’s simply one piece of evidence being used in your case. Therefore, the defense can get just as much mileage out of DNA evidence as the prosecution can.

Bilecki & Tipon never goes into a case without a strategy, and this is especially true of cases where DNA evidence is present. The first thing we’ll do is consider a few essential questions, such as:

  • Does the DNA evidence actually incriminate you (is Autosomal STR-DNA testing being used?)
  • Is the prosecution trying to use Y-STR DNA testing to place you at the crime?
  • Do we need a third party DNA expert to refute the government’s evidence, or to test DNA evidence of our own?
  • Can we use a lack of DNA evidence to secure a not-guilty verdict for our client?
  • Is other evidence available that wasn’t tested by law enforcement? If so, could it be used to exonerate our client through our own DNA tests?

It’s important to understand that DNA evidence alone is generally not enough for the prosecution to secure a guilty verdict. With a solid defense team like Bilecki & Tipon, the government’s own DNA evidence can even be used against them.

Confront the Governement’s DNA Evidence Head on with Bilecki & Tipon LLLC

Make no mistake; DNA evidence can sink your chances of a victory in court. You’ll need smart legal representation, a solid strategy in place, and enough guts to aggressively take on the government’s battle-hardened prosecutors.

Don’t fight your case alone. Call the Bilecki & Tipon team TODAY at a (800) 996-9747 and together we’ll work to turn the DNA evidence around in YOUR favor.